eProseed Tax Platform gives you a 360° degree view on your tax payer.

Using dynamic BI and latest AI technologies for data analytics we enable revenue authorities to show predictable and transparent tax processing, to efficiently manage Tax Enrolment and to enhance compliance to OECD and other International Bodies.

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Why you need a 360° Tax Platform of eProseed?

Government revenue generation is not always in line with real country economy.

Revenue authorities work in silo’s, not connecting the dots. They have limited tools to control and increase revenue. Caused by this lack of a global view on tax payers, tax evasion, tax loopholes, the underground economy, and customs fraud, Tax & Customs Authorities and Finance Ministries do not have the ability to forecast revenue with precision.

There is an increasing demand from international bodies like IMF and World Bank to better manage and control revenue generation and to have accurate reporting.

Significantly increasing Tax revenue to GDP ratio becomes a “must have” for many countries. It will allow more funds available for citizens. However, governments struggle to find digital platforms able to help them
solving these issues.

With the 360° Tax Platform

eProseed offers you a turnkey solution

We offer you a comprehensive and highly customizable Financial Insights and Revenue Management Platform, enabling revenue forecasting. On top of that we empower you with the right infrastructure, equipment and human resources to sustain it.

Our approach

More efficient and accurate revenue management with less costs, time and effort!

Imagine your tax operations are fully taken care of. From data collection, to threat detection and BI reporting, till providing you with hardware equipment like surveillance cameras and laptops. All at the highest security level.

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