Cloud … is only the Beginning

Enterprises in the 21st Century face a dramatic change in the expectations of their customers. These expectations, for new services, products, heightened privacy, and advanced interactions are driving organizations to change both quickly and radically. Responding to this intense demand requires a change to the technology organizations use to deliver an evolved offering to a more discerning and demanding consumer.

Managing the Customer Experience

Conventional business strategies are being challenged by emerging companies, designed solely as digital businesses. These agile companies have created new markets by solving familiar pain points and are destabilizing industry giants, driving a wedge between those businesses and their customers. At the same time, customers have become more demanding and set new service standards, much different from those of 20 years ago. On the occasion of eProseed TechForum, Tanguy Petre, CEO of iMendos, showed the participants how to improve business results through effective Customer Experience Management.

Oracle 18c AHF, a Problem and Solution Space

To develop effective responses to the new challenges posed by the interplay of digitalization and globalization, modern enterprises must be able to rely on always-on database systems. During their intervention at eProseed’s TechForum, Marco Gralike and Jaffar Syed Hussain, Oracle ACE Directors, explained to the audience that the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework was one efficient way to address these challenges.

Oracle IDCS: A Hybrid Identity Cloud Platform at Work

Oracle’s Access Management platform provides innovative services that complement traditional access management capabilities. In particular, it can be easily integrated with the Oracle Identity Cloud Service to support hybrid access management capabilities that can help customers seamlessly protect on-premise and cloud applications and workloads. This is what Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Oracle ACE Director & eProseed Partner and Fabien Henriet, Technical Director at eProseed, showed the participants to the first edition of eProceed’s TechForum.

First Edition of eProseed TechForum held as part of ICT Spring Europe 2018

On May 15th, Geoffroy de Lamalle, Founder and CEO of eProseed, took the stage to welcome the customers, technologists and partners who came to attend the first edition of eProseed’s TechForum, a two-day event held in parallel with ICT Spring Europe at the European Convention Center Luxembourg. The TechForum is aimed at providing a deep dive into the world of Oracle technologies, featuring keynotes, customer cases and live demos presented by eProseed’s leading technology experts.

eProseed will hold the first Tech Forum during ICT Spring 2018

Next May 15th and 16th, eProseed will hold the first Tech Forum as part of the ICT Spring 2018. The summit will take place at the European Conference Center Luxembourg, at the very heart of Europe. eProseed Tech Forum event is aimed at providing a deep-dive into the world of Oracle technologies, featuring customer cases, real-time demo and presented by leading global experts and published authors on Oracle technologies.