Cloud … is only the Beginning

Enterprises in the 21st Century face a dramatic change in the expectations of their customers. These expectations, for new services, products, heightened privacy, and advanced interactions are driving organizations to change both quickly and radically. Responding to this intense demand requires a change to the technology organizations use to deliver an evolved offering to a more discerning and demanding consumer.

Managing the Customer Experience

Conventional business strategies are being challenged by emerging companies, designed solely as digital businesses. These agile companies have created new markets by solving familiar pain points and are destabilizing industry giants, driving a wedge between those businesses and their customers. At the same time, customers have become more demanding and set new service standards, much different from those of 20 years ago. On the occasion of eProseed TechForum, Tanguy Petre, CEO of iMendos, showed the participants how to improve business results through effective Customer Experience Management.

Oracle IDCS: A Hybrid Identity Cloud Platform at Work

Oracle’s Access Management platform provides innovative services that complement traditional access management capabilities. In particular, it can be easily integrated with the Oracle Identity Cloud Service to support hybrid access management capabilities that can help customers seamlessly protect on-premise and cloud applications and workloads. This is what Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Oracle ACE Director & eProseed Partner and Fabien Henriet, Technical Director at eProseed, showed the participants to the first edition of eProceed’s TechForum.

eProseed is the 1st Oracle SOA 12c Specialized Partner

Press Release eProseed becomes the first Oracle SOA 12c Specialized partner in the world. « Congratulations to eProseed to be the first partner worldwide to become specialized on SOA Suite 12c. SOA Suite 12c is the latest version of the industry’s most complete and unified application integration and SOA solution. With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises, and Internet…

Big Data according to eProseed: Data Essential

The latest addition to the family of eProseed services is destined for a great future! After the announcement of eProseed SmartCloud, it is now the big and fast data universe and its vast economic potential that the Capellen based company is ready to address with its customers.  Called Data Essential, the new spin-off is based around a key partnership agreement with Pivotal, the Big Data subsidiary of EMC federation. Data Essential is ready to demonstrate to the market the power and efficiency of “3rd generation platform” solutions.

eProseed release Smart Cloud

With Smart Cloud, eProseed opts for business affinity. Originally conceived as an accelerator for transformation, eProseed’s Smart Cloud is gaining momentum today amongst customers seeking superior support services on the Oracle software stack, and with businesses drawn by the level of operational commitment guaranteed by the Capellen-based Company..