eProseed’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and as an international company with a global footprint in 14 countries, we would like to inform you that eProseed has been monitoring the situation very closely since early beginning of March.

We aim at protecting people – our employees, our customers, our providers and our partners – and endeavor to ensure the continuity of our services and operations.

Our Management Team follows the situation on a daily basis. We have set up specific governance bodies, among others a Crisis Management Committee dedicated to COVID 19, to coordinate on a global level the local efforts, review the situation, and make decisions.

Since a few weeks, we have already implemented precautionary measures in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan, in all our locations/offices:

  • Strong hygiene and sanitization measures.
  • Self-quarantine for employees that have been to risk areas, or in contact with people who have.
  • Strict business and private travel policy to risk areas.

We have anticipated the social distancing recommendations by identifying our critical activities, training our staff and ensuring remote operating capabilities. As of today, and regarding remote working:

  • All our employees are working from home, powered by a secure VPN and state-of-the-art remote collaboration tools ;
  • Continuous communication channels have been established to make sure our employees are up to date regarding the pandemic, all questions are answered, and client delivery is safeguarded;
  • In accordance with our clients, we are able to continue most of our projects remotely, so that we can serve our customers according to the best quality and delivery standards possible. For the other ones we are actively looking for alternative solutions;
  • Our network of offices globally acts as a guarantee for our resilience and continued client delivery throughout this period, with an established support system with at least two levels of back-up. Should an office be particularly affected by the pandemic, our top priorities would be dispatching activities to ensure the continuation of the critical projects, human resources management, cash management and corporate IT.

If necessary, our Crisis Management Committee will adapt the Business Continuity Management to developing circumstances and in line with the recommendation from the Authorities.

The safety of our employees, customers and partners and the continuity of business operations are our priorities. We trust that the information hereby shows that eProseed is ready to respond to every possible scenario in relation with the Coronavirus pandemic. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us through the following email address: covid19@eproseed.com

Kind regards,

eProseed Management Team