eProseed Deployer

Deploy and Configured an Oracle based solutions in minutes

eProseed Deployer is a declarative based, deployment engine for the install, configuration and continuous deployment of Oracle Databases and Oracle Fusion Middleware. eProseed Deployer provides an automated system for the installation, configuration, build and deployment, which transforms this resource intensive and highly error prone process into an automated, predictable and low risk process.

With eProseed Deployer, the complex installation and integration of Oracle Stack applications is driven by simple models, which defines the environment specific properties, that are captured during the initial platform design. It provides a number of key capabilities, including

Follow Best-Practices

eProseed Deployer default topology to be implemented is compliant with EDG and also supports MAA best practices. eProseed Deployer gives you the ability to define environment templates, from which you can provision new environments on demand. It increases agility and effectiveness.

Save time with Automation

eProseed Deployer reduces risk and eliminates waste by automating manual tasks and bringing consistency to deployment. It reduces deployment times from days to hours. eProseed Deployer manages configurations and deployments into development, test, and production environments simultaneously.

Use Any Infrastructure

eProseed Deployer gives you the ability to leverage your infrastructure and directly connect to your systems, but also to automate deployment using eProseed Cloud.