Oracle Concierge

eProseed Concierge Service

eProseed offers a range of Concierge Services to manage, monitor and maintain the reliability and operational availability of your Oracle platform. Leveraging industry standards for managing support calls, eProseed provides an outstanding ability to diagnose and resolve issues.

Open Assistance

The primary focus of eProseed Open Assistance is the rapid diagnoses and resolution of critical issues that impact systems either in production or scheduled for production. eProseed Engineer are available on-demand to assist customers with various Oracle related issues and support.

24/7 Support

eProseed offers customers a 24/7 support service on top of Oracle Premier to align with the business and mission critical deployments of solutions on Oracle platform. eProseed will act as a abstraction layer to Oracle Premier and guarantee response time and proximity for customers. This includes access to our IT Service Management web-based solution. eProseed support center are located in our Europe, Middle-East and Africa offices.

Technical Account Management

A dedicated Technical Account Manager is available to customers who need a holistic view of problems and incidents and dedicated support engineer. Using a combination of industry defined ITIL based processes for problem and incident management, and leveraging the strength of our support services, our customers are always kept informed of the status of all issues and the progress.