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eProseed is a leading provider of cutting-edge ICT solutions and services that enables customers to boost their IT flexibility, enhance their business agility and increase their competitiveness. eProseed offers award-winning services and solutions at both business and technical levels, using mature practices that ensure results.

eProseed’s portfolio of business applications and business accelerators is built on state-of-the-art, reliable technologies and sound knowledge of today’s challenges; developed and maintained with the highest standards in mind. Comprehensive training and support are provided by eProseed’s experts for both applications and underlying technologies.

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Our success

Belgium & Luxembourg

European Commission

Being a consortium member of mSpeed, eProseed is working for the internal European Commission hosting services provider called DIGIT.

The services include hosting services as well as creation, configuration, management, deployment and support of diverse instances and customer application.

eProseed is supporting 1300 information platforms in local datacenters and with their public cloud provider.

European Commission
  • 1 300 + application servers
  • 4 000 + Databases under supervision
United Kingdom


SSE is a leading generator of renewable electricity in the UK and Ireland, and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK. It develops, owns and operates low carbon infrastructure to support the zero-carbon transition.

eProseed used its provisioning accelerator to enable SSE to build integration and database platforms automatically. These environments are fully secure, consistent and highly available – created in a matter of hours, rather than weeks – improving SSE’s IT agility.

  • 95% + Time saving
    in provisioning
  • Enabling DevOps
United Arab Emirates

National Health Insurance - Daman

National Health Insurance – Daman is the leading health insurer in the United Arab Emirates.

eProseed has been providing Daman with expertise to implement the middleware/integration components of their core business platform, providing state-of-the-art health insurance operations and systems in order to increase operational efficiency and better address business and market needs. This project of more than 26.000 mandays has been delivered on time and budget with its full scope.

  • 3 Mo Members
  • 5 Years of strategic


CNPD is the National Commission for Data Protection in Luxembourg.

eProseed helped CNPD to build a comprehensive data protection assessment tool to help data controllers in Luxembourg to assess their compliance with the GDPR Regulations.

This mission-critical application is securely hosted and managed entirely by eProseed in its Tier IV data centers.

  • 350 Questions
  • Nationwide data privacy

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

BIL is the oldest multi-business bank in Luxembourg. 

eProseed helps BIL keep their database transactional systems online and up-to-date, ensuring a 100% uptime with no data loss in any situation. 

eProseed has also architected and implemented their new BI system.

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  • 10 year Relationship
  • up to 70 x
    increased database performance

European Commission - DG TAXUD

In collaboration with SopraSteria, eProseed implemented a mission critical exchange platform for the Taxes and Customs directorate called TAXUD.

The aim was to design, create and deploy a highly secured platform to enable data exchanges on confidential information related to direct and indirect taxes for citizens and companies in order to better fight against fraud.

European Commission
  • 28 national taxes and
    customs authorities
The Netherlands


Connexxion is a leader in urban and regional public transport in the Netherlands. It is committed to replacing the use of private cars, facilitating zero-emission travel and the elimination of traffic jams.

With a modern API platform from eProseed, running on Kubernetes in the cloud, Connexxion simplified the way partners could integrate with their ticketing and routing services.

This created the concept of “Mobility-as-a-Service”, significantly increasing ticket sales and improving the customer experience with new mobile applications from 3rd parties.

  • 1st Oracle API Platform implemented by a partner in the World

Banque du Liban

Bank du Liban (BDL) is Lebanese Central bank and monetary authority.

eProseed has provided Banque du Liban with its next generation Financial Supervision Platform (FSIP) enabling its Banking Control Commission to monitor in near-real time all banking institutions in the country against BCBS standards (Basel II, III, etc.) and to automate all financial supervision processes.

Banque de Liban
  • 140 + Banks Supervised By FSIP
  • 180 + Reports and Dashboards enabled by FSIP
South America


Millicom Telecommunications is a leading provider of cable and mobile services to emerging markets in Latin America and Africa.

By providing technical expertise and coaching, eProseed is helping Millicom to achieve their corporate objectives of building a digital highway to connect people, improving lives and developing communities.

eProseed helps Millicom to massively reduce their license and maintenance costs by implementing an innovative architecture.

  • 3 Continents Support Helpdesk
United Kingdom


This is the world’s largest member association providing training and qualification in the field of management accountancy.

eProseed used Oracle SOA Cloud Service to help AICPA achieve seamless integration of their cloud-based ERP system with on-premise CRM and third-party applications as PayPal.

Leveraging the eProseed Accelerators for Oracle Cloud, the new integration platform has been deployed and configured faster, cheaper and with lower risk.

All of the above contributed to the recognition Oracle has shown with the 2016 Oracle Cloud Platform Innovation Award for Cloud Integration awarded to AICPA and eProseed.

  • 50 % less time for customer to complete order
  • 1st Oracle SOA Cloud Live in EMEA

European Commission Research and Innovation

The European Commission DG RTD is responsible for EU policy on research, science and innovation. Their aim is to create growth and jobs whilst tackling Europe’s biggest societal challenges. The DG RTD grants 15+ billion EUR subsidies each year.

eProseed helped DG RTD create more efficiency in the grant management process for Research and Innovation at European level via business process modelling and automation.

The overall project consulting effort delivered by eProseed amounted to ~1600 men days over a 2 year period, covering a turn-key solution in which eProseed performed the Analysis, Architecture, Development, Testing, Release Management, and Production Support.

European Commission
  • 15 Bn€ grant management
  • 1.600 man days
  • 2 year project

Ville de Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is home to citizens of more than 163 different nationalities and many organizations, including 130 banks.

eProseed provides Concierge services to help Ville de Luxembourg maintain their mission critical IT infrastructure and applications, keeping them up and running 24×7.

Ville de Luxembourg
  • 122 000 + Citizens and users
United Kingdom

Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water is a UK utility providing water and sewerage services to a population of just under 4,4 million people.

eProseed designed a state-of-the-art, resilient and secure cloud architecture for NWG’s mission-critical integrations. Using eProseed’s Cloud Accelerator new multi-datacenter SOA platforms can now be automatically, rapidly and consistently built saving time and cost.

Finally, the lift-and-shift of integrations to this modern cloud platform has helped NWG to improve service levels, enforce tighter governance and enhance flexibility.

Northumbrian Water
  • Highly Resilient Blue-Green topology
  • 11 h instead of 3 weeks to build
The Netherlands


Cogas is an independent supplier and operator for gas, electricity,
coax cable , fibre optics and thermal storage in the Netherlands.

eProseed helps Cogas to get their environment ready for the huge environmental changes by automate parts of the business processes and provide a flexible integrations between different applications using the latest cloud technology. eProseed also provide support for the infrastructure and cloud operations.

The IT environment of Cogas develops fast to an reliable, compliant and future proof solution. This enables Cogas to collaborate efficient with her partners (including the regulation agencies) and adapt rapidly to the market demands and supporting regulation requirements.

  • Ready for the future
  • -65 % Lead time
    for changes


BGL, a member of the BNP Paribas group, is one of the leading banks in Luxembourg, successfully combining local expertise with strong international leverage.

eProseed Emergency Response Team intervened after crash on planned upgrade plan.  eProseed mobilized shift of several people to support the whole week-end and allow the bank to open on Monday.​

eProseed reviewed the architecture and migrated databases from AIX to Exadata and ODA.  eProseed’s technical knowledge and experience dramatically reduced BGL’s operational expenses thanks to built-in system automation and by following eProseed best practices​.

  • 20 Bl+ annual income
  • 3 Ml+ members
United Kingdom

Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley is the quintessentially British lifestyle brand with a heritage of over 60 years of design excellence.

eProseed enhanced Laura Ashley’s ‘Click & Collect’ service by deploying hand-held devices and mobile printers, running eProseed Android apps, to support both fulfilment and customer collection of orders.

In-store picking has reduced the typical time for collection availability from a week to under 2 hours, significantly improving customer satisfaction. In addition, by now needing 43% fewer shipments Laura Ashley is saving both warehouse workforce time and freight costs, delivering a Return On Investment of under 11 months.

Laura Ashley
  • 11 months Return on Investment
  • 2 hours Instead of 1 week for collections
The Netherlands

Municipality of Rotterdam

The Municipality of Rotterdam is the second largest municipality in the Netherlands.

eProseed has offered expert consulting services for the development of a modern eServices platform to help the Municipality of Rotterdam to optimize the citizen identification, guidance and case management processes.

The new platform enables the Municipality of Rotterdam to provide better service, decrease the citizen waiting time and reduce the administrative burden.

Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Digital eMunicipality
  • +2.7 Mo citizens served
Saudi Arabia


Aljomaih Group is one of the strongest conglomerates in Saudi Arabia with interests in diversified industries like automotive, FMCG, power generation, financial services, manufacturing and general trading.

eProseed supported Aljomaih Group in setting up of a single point of management of ERP (Oracle E-Business Suite) for better control across all applications, in order to dramatically improve service levels to the business.

By migrating the environment to modern and high-performance hardware, not only reduced the licensing costs but drastically improved productivity and end user experience.

  • 60 % response time reduction of applications
  • 70 % response time reduction of databases


Skanska is a world leaders in the construction industry with over 34.000 employees and a strong presence in both Europe and the USA.

eProseed has helped Skanska to build a comprehensive “Sanctions Cloud” integrating information from various sources including their global HCM system, work assignment system and data intelligence from the Dow Jones Watch List.

This new solution provided Skanska with an automated process to verify that all participants – employees, sub-contractors and customers – are not on their global Sanction List. This is pivotal to ensuring Skanska’s strict compliance with rules laid down by national regulators and banks.

  • 23 + integrated systems
  • 90 % less time for compliance check

Banque Degroof Petercam

Degroof Petercam is the oldest private bank in Belgium, offering Private Banking, Asset Management and Investment solutions and service.

eProseed helped Banque Degroof Petercam to migrate their core data repository system to Oracle Exadata and provisioned a state-of-the-art data warehouse and reporting platform that provides comprehensive business intelligence and investment insight.

Banque Degroof Petercam
  • Major costs saving
  • 8× Performance

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Our Commitments

At eProseed we believe that technology and innovation are the main drivers for social, economic and environmental advancement. eProseed is committed to conducting business in an ethical, social and environmental-responsible manner and in a way that benefits our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and the wider community.

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Our organizational culture and CSR framework are built on the universal principles formulated by the United Nation Global Compact. They are therefore deeply embedded into the fabric of our organization.

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Corporate Social

At eProseed we believe that technology and innovation are the main drivers for social, economic and environmental advancements. eProseed is committed to conducting our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner, in a way that benefits our customers and employees.

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Business Ethics
and Compliance

Our Code of Conduct is our ongoing commitment that everything we do as eProseedians is measured against the highest standards of ethical business conduct. Our guiding principles are integrity, honesty, and compliance with local and international standards and regulations.

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Crisis Management
& eProseed Resilience

eProseed’s organizational resilience supports our customers’ effective preparation and response to market disruptions. The recent COVID 19 pandemic demonstrated our ability to effectively support our customers’ crisis response.

Through our extensive early-stage precautionary measures and our comprehensive, highly secure, agile IT infrastructure, we were able to fully maintain our service commitments to our customers. This allowed them to continue working unimpeded and to support their customers in turn.

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