eProseed delivered a workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance, Ministry […]

eProseed delivered a workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Revenues & Ethiopian Custom Commission on how the eProseed 360° Tax Platform could maximize the country revenues, fight tax evasion and tackle corruption.

For years now, the Ethiopian economy has been growing at a remarkable rate averaging more than 10 percent per annum, however, the slow growth in the tax to GDP ratio suggests the growth in tax collection is not in line with economic growth indicating huge revenue potential.

On that premise, Ethiopia has been reforming its tax system for more than 20 years, introducing strong structuring policies to boost revenue mobilization, decrease the weight of the informal economy and fighting corruption in line with country’s strategic plans to maximize its huge potential.

eProseed, and its local partner Ethika Technologies, delivered a two-day workshop to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Revenues & Ethiopian Custom Commission’s senior representatives on how a modern tax and customs administration platform could promote voluntary compliance, act against those who do not comply, and at the same time promote local and international trade.

“With this workshop, eProseed had the opportunity to hear directly from the government of Ethiopia. Especially focusing on what are the greatest challenges on the digital transition journey of a country with such immense potential.
This digital transformation, with the support of eProseed, will bring to all citizens of Ethiopia a fairer, more transparent, and more effective tax regime.
eProseed 360° Tax Platform proposes to support the government of Ethiopia in its willingness to rapidly reach an increase of more than 5% on its current tax revenue.” comments Geoffroy de Lamalle, Chief Executive Officer of eProseed.

eProseed 360° Tax Platform allows a 360° real-time view of Financial and Economic Activities, Taxpayers and third-party economic actors. This allows Revenue Authorities to increase taxpayer voluntary compliance, improve trust, stem fraud and corruption and consequently increasing tax collection as well as revenue and trade management. A key objective is to conform with international standards set out by International Governing Bodies. The program of works by eProseed to the Ethiopian government proposes to increase skilled employment by providing exciting work opportunities that will motivate Ethiopians’ talent to stay in the country through working with leading edge technology and developing new skills used by the platform.

“Our solutions aim to extend the taxpayers database, foster the voluntary compliance, and reduce revenue leakage and provide the right digital tools for a fully predictable, effective, and efficient revenue and custom authority. This will position Ethiopia as the leader across East Africa for government digital innovation.” Comments Waldo Taylor, Head of Business R&D”