eProseed and RZ-Products GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of the German DCG Data Center Group, […]

eProseed and RZ-Products GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of the German DCG Data Center Group, announce a strategic partnership combining eProseed’s renowned expertise in data management, integration and development services with RZ-Products’s next-generation Datacenter solutions to deliver end-to-end turnkey industry solutions in a highly secure IT environment.

RZ-Products GmbH already shows a successful international track record of projects with multinational corporations, Governments, Banks and generally speaking, many types of critical IT infrastructure.

With eProseed, RZ-Products sees a Global Partner on eye level, with perfect portfolio and geographical synergies, and the same level of professionalism.

In addition to its recognized capacity on the market in terms of managed services, systems and data integration, but also application development, eProseed offers its own solutions throughout the world.

By Partnering with the German Datacenter Group via its specialized products subsidiary RZ-Products, eProseed is enhancing its global product portfolio addressing specific customer segments such as central banks and large institutions.

The complementary partnership of eProseed and RZ-Products smartly extends the services portfolio to offer customers a turnkey environment from a to z, going from the hardware to the operation of customized applications.

Both eProseed and RZ-Products complement each other in terms of conveying the values of the brand in new territories: Western and Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East.

About eProseed

eProseed is an ICT services provider and a RegTech software publisher. eProseed provides a wide spectrum of innovative, cutting-edge ICT services and industry-based software solutions to help companies to simplify IT complexity and enhance their business agility.

eProseed’s portfolio of business applications and business accelerators is built on state-of-the-art, reliable technologies and sound knowledge of today’s challenges, developed and maintained with the highest standards in mind. Comprehensive training and support are provided by eProseed’s experts for both applications and underlying technologies.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, eProseed has offices in Abu Dhabi (AE), Accra (GH), Beirut (LB), Brussels (BE), Dubai (AE),Guatemala City (GT), Istanbul (TR), Kampala (UG), London (UK), Porto (PT), Sydney (AU) and Utrecht (NL).

eProseed’s key products and services:

  • Consulting Services – tailored expert consulting services for development, infrastructure and applications
  • Concierge Services – expert technical support for your IT infrastructure, onsite or remote, with guaranteed SLAs
  • Software and Hardware resell – trustworthy, independent advisor supporting our customers throughout the acquisition, the management and the optimization of their Software and Hardware assets, making sure they take full advantage of their IT investment
  • SOLaaS – time-saving, cutting-edge RegTech and SupTech software solutions tailored to address the specific needs of Supervision Authorities such as Tax and Customs Authorities, Central Banks and Financial Institutions, HealthCare Supervision Authorities, State Municipalities and Governmental Agencies. These innovative solutions developed in close collaboration with major industry actors are available as a service (Solution as a Services) to ensure a faster time to production with low risk and reduced TCO.
  • eProseed Products – a wide range of plug-and-play risk management and accelerators for top technologies.

About RZ-Products

RZ-Products GmbH is a fully owned subsidiary of the German DCG Data Center Group. With its headquarters and factory in Rheinland-Pfalz, between Cologne and Frankfurt, RZ-Products GmbH stands for the development, the manufacturing and the worldwide delivery & installation of datacenter products for the physical protection of critical IT infrastructure. The company is the Products Division of the German DCG Data Center Group, with a healthy growth and strong technical skills. German engineering at its best.

Some of the key products:

  • The DC-ITSafe, an edge micro datacenter solution for any office, industrial, or service provider such as IT or telecom operator.  Bringing the highest physical protection around your servers and certified against fire, water, dust or burglary. For some global customers this DC-ITSafe is integral part of their own compliance policy.
  • The DC-ITContainer, ideal for companies with growing edge IT requirements. The containerized datacenter is an all-in-one easy to deploy IT infrastructure solution. Easy to ship. Scalable and robust.
  • The DC-ITRoom, perfect for Organizations that cannot fail: Governments, Banks, Utilities, train companies or airlines, IT and telecom operators. Fully modular and build to suit, the GranITe room-in-room product is ECB.S certified and type tested according to EN 1047-2 (fire protection and as key feature).
  • The DC-ITShielding brings an additional protection to those same customers wishing to protect their servers from espionage, electro-magnetic attacks, eavesdropping and other dangers associated with datacenter facilities.
  • The DC-ITMonitoring allows to monitor your datacenter activities from anywhere, even remote.
  • Finally via the Data Center Group and its consulting business unit Securisk, RZ-Products can deliver datacenter consulting services, helping Eproseed guide their clients in larger datacenter projects, from initial health checks of existing datacenter to full technical feasibility study for a new build. With all due knowledge about technical standards, be it EN50600, TÜV or Tier Uptime standards.